The group of companies «Dvizhenie» works in the raw materials supply market since 1995.

We are one of the leading companies in Russia and CIS countries who deals with sourcing, shipping and distribution of molasses.

We are delivering the full range of services regarding molasses supply to distilling, hydrolysis, yeast and feed-milling industries.

Our wide market experience, availability of molasses in the required quantities and sufficient equipment capability let us provide steady and uninterrupted supply of the goods all the year round irrespective of any factors.


Group of companies «Dvizhenie»,

11 Bazovaya str.,

Voronezh 394028, Russia

Tel: +7-473-2519-830

E-mail: gk.dvizhenie@yandex.ru

Distribution and delivery of sugarbeet molasses throughout Russia and for export:

by trucks in lots of 27-40 mts.


by railway carriers in lots of 60-68 mts.

on DAT terms

by marine vessels in lots of 1300-5000 mts.

on FOB / CIF terms


Cargo carriage and logistics of motor, railway and maritime transport

Fleet of special vehicles

Fleet of special vehicles with pumping equipment for molasses transportation

Road train tankers with volumetric capacity of 24-40 cum.

Port complexPort complex for molasses transshipment into tankers with a capacity of up to 1500 mts per day
Storage facilitiesStorage facilities in Tsentralno-Chernozemnyi region and in Krasnodar which let us ensure availability of the goods all the year round
Transportable complexTransportable complex for heating and pumping-over of molasses with a capacity of 30-150 cum per hour

Selling of feedstuff such as sugarbeet molasses, beet pulp pellets, sunflower meal and sunflower cake for livestock breeding complexes and combine fodder factories