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Sugar beet pulp is a by-product from the processing of sugar beets into sugar. Beet pulp is extracted grounded sugar beet. It is used as livestock feed and it can be fed fresh, dried (in bulk, pelleted or in briquettes) and ensiled (fermented beet pulp).

Our company deals with beet pulp pellets.

Beet pulp pellets serve as a base component for various feedstuffs. They can be stored long-term and easily transported. They perfectly retain their properties due to the hardness of pellets as well. Molasses can be added during the pelletizing process that enhances the hardness of beet pulp pellets and increases their feeding value.

We deliver beet pulp pellets which are in conformity with GOST 13456-82 requirements.

According to GOST 13456-82 the quality of dried beet pulp meets the following requirements:



Physical and chemical features:



Moisture, %, maximum


Crude protein in conversion to dry matter, %, minimum


Mechanical impurities

Not allowed

Metal foreign matter (more than 2 mm in size)

Not allowed